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Asli Designs :: Leather Clothing :: Tribal Clothing - Vests, Wristbands, Wedding Jackets


Asli Designs are unique and individually tailored leather garments, accessories, books and other items. No two pieces are ever the same.

Bali Real Estate: Land for Sale, Villas for Sale & Villa Rentals in Bali


Our company, inTouch Realty, was the first real estate office in Bali – dating back to November 1989. We maintain a small staff of Indonesian professionals. Intouch has listed over 2,000 homes and villas in Bali. From these we have selected the best villa accommodation. We also understand the current property laws and regulations in Bali so we can ensure that your land or villa purchase is completely secure. Our office is located in the heart of Seminyak.

Agence de voyage Bali Authentique - Voyage à Bali et en Indonésie


Bali Authentique, agence de voyage à Bali, vous propose d'organiser votre voyage à Bali et en Indonésie. Demandez un devis pour votre voyage circuit à Bali.

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