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Welcome to Freeport Hudson Anglers Inc.


The Freeport Hudson Anglers is one of Long Island's oldest and most prestigious fishing clubs. A Fisherman's Club dedicated to the promotion of Rod & Reel Fishing, we strive to create a comradery among the members while focusing on the Preservation of all Aquatic Species. We're always looking for New Members. ...You don't need to OWN a Boat, to be a Member. We hold monthly general membership meetings at the Merrick Golf Course in Merrick and frequently host guest speakers who share their fishing expertise with members. Our members participate in weekly; monthly and yearly fishing contests with cash prizes, along with fishing trips out of the area. We also have an Award Dinner Dance, Summer Family Picnic and Sponsor Long Island's oldest Annual Shark Tournament.

Scarsdale Concours Home


Scarsdale Concours




Memorial Presbyterian Church | Presbyterian (PCA) Church in St. Louis Missouri


Memorial is a church whose vision is to be a community of real people transformed by loveā€”of and by the Gospel, of and for each other, of and for the city, of and for the nations of the world.

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