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Forbo Flooring Systems


Forbo Flooring Systems is a global manufacturer of high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings with more than 150 years of experience.

Forbo Movement Systems conveyor belts and flat belts


Forbo Siegling conveyor belts, modular belts, power transmission belts and all other plastic belting products

Forbo Flooring Systems UK - Marmoleum, Vinyl & Carpet Tile Specialists


Forbo Flooring Systems can enhance any interior environment by offering innovative and beautifully designed flooring products delivering long life and consistent high quality. At the same time we help to take care of the natural environment through our commitment to sustainable development and responsible raw material procurement and manufacturing processes.

Forbo Flooring North America


SEO forbo flooring North America Marmoleum Flotex Coral Commercial Residential sustainable flooring solutions linoleum healthcare education modular tile

Forbo Flooring Systems


Forbo Flooring Systems er en global leder innen linoleum, vinyl og tekstile gulv samt inngangsmatter som tilbyr våre samarbeidspartnere bærekraftige og miljøvennlige gulvløsninger for våre kunder.

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