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Welcome to Love My Pearls, your online pearl jewelry store! ~ Your pearl jewelry online by Love My Pearls


Step in to discover the brilliant and feminine world of pearls! We are an online jewelry shop specializing in pearl jewelry, all made with authentic cultured pearls. Our jewelry is made with many more kinds of pearls than the classic white round or baroque pearls - you'll see here a range of colors, many natural and some dyed, various shapes such as star shaped pearls, biwa pearls, circlé pearls, coin pearls twinned pearls, and yet others you might not even know exist! Whether you are looking for a pearl necklace with white biwa pearls, a keshi pearl pendant with a single big naturally golden pearl, a pearl ring with one large baroque pearl set in silver, or a bracelet made with many small silver and black pearls, you will find it here and more. All our jewelry is created with pearls carefully selected by our in-house pearl expert, a Pearls graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Our prices are within reach of every wallet thanks to our location in Hong Kong, the largest pearl marketplace in the world. Our relationships with some of the biggest pearl producers give us access to fine pearls at the lowest possible prices. Our online-only presence keeps overhead costs to a very bare minimum. The result is simple: we can offer you, our customer, beautiful pearls of equal or better quality than those found elsewhere, at the best possible prices. Every jewelry piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by our GIA Pearls Graduate, a black velvet pouch, and a pearl care card detailing the guidelines to follow to ensure your pearl jewelry shine with you for many years to come. Each order comes with a free pearl care kit. Love My Pearls is the perfect place to find a meaningful gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, or the birthday of the woman of your life... There is never a wrong occasion to give a woman the gift of beautiful pearls - just ask one ;-) ... did I mention we ship worldwide from as low as $9 usd?

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