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Pacific Disaster Center


"Pacific Disaster Center uses information, science, and technology to advance the disaster risk reduction concepts and practices. For nearly two decades, PDC has provided governments, nongovernmental organizations, private interests, and the public with reliable products and services for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. PDC delivers innovative, global multi-hazard disaster monitoring, early warning, and decision support systems, as well as risk and vulnerability assessment, modeling and visualization, exercise support, and capacity enhancement services. DisasterAWARE, or the All-hazard Warnings, Analysis, and Risk Evaluation platform, offers unparalleled situational awareness and decision support in highly visual and easy-to-use applications. It continually “listens” to trusted hazard data sources, and automatically integrates incoming bulletins with impact modeling, risk exposure, and a host of other information resources to deliver web- and mobile-accessible mapping and GIS capabilities to the public and disaster managers worldwide. PDC works with decision makers, disaster managers, planners, and the public to develop solutions to some of the most challenging disaster management problems. Our suite of tools, services, and products supports all phases of disaster management. PDC's enterprising approach to disaster management shifts the emphasis from being reactive, focusing on response and recovery operations, to being proactive, focusing on mitigation and preparedness. Along with PDC's Managing Partner, the University of Hawaii, we look forward to a future in which scientific and technological advances continue to enhance decision making for risk reduction and sustainable development, ultimately saving lives and lessening the impacts of disasters."

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