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Staff Icons LLC, Recruiting, Permanent, Temporary and Temp to Perm Staffing


Staff Icons is a Woman Minority owned business (W/MBE) recruiting firm specializing in recruiting for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, medical arena and our strongest recruiting niches is for various positions from Tech level up to Director level in the following disciplines- CLS, Molecular, Hematology,Cytogenetics, Chemistry, Cytology, Histology Flow Cytometry, FISH, Med Techs, bioinformatic, Microbiology etc…on a national basis. We recruit out of our network of renowned Laboratory Scientist, Pathologists, Molecular/Cytogeneticists/Directors, Cytogenetic technologist (All Levels), CLS, CRS, Molecular Technologists (All Levels), Histologist, Chemist, Hematologist, (All Levels), Flow Cytometrists, Microbiologist, Cytologist, Accession/specimen Tech etc.

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