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Στρατός και Θητεία (skopia@gr)


Τα πάντα για την θητεία, την στρατολογία, τον εξοπλισμό του στρατού, της αεροπορίας, του ναυτικού και forum συζητήσεων

Learn Japanese - Japanese dictionary and Study resource portal


JLearn.net is a Japanese Learning portal with a comprehensive Japanese to English and English to Japanese Dictionary. The site also provides audio for pronunciation purposes, example sentences, full conjugation tables and powerful searching that includes de-conjugation. You can search by english, romaji, katakana, hiragana or kanji. Additionally, you will find active JLPT vocabulary lists which is a great way to begin your study. If you wish to learn how to correctly write Kanji there is tool that animates how each Kanji is written stroke by stroke.

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