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Tacoma Metals - Home Page


Since 1983, with roots going back over 100 years, Tacoma Metals has been a buyer and supplier of non-ferrous metals both domestically and internationally. Our products are purchased from a variety of commercial and industrial sources, as well as the general public, throughout the Pacific Northwest and as far away as Alaska and Hawaii, including Western Canada. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgable staff at (253) 627-1440.

Mary Sudar Estate Sales


Mary Sudar Appraisals & Estate Sales is in business in Tacoma, WA, and is interested in doing business with you. Serving Tacoma, Olympia, Pierce and Thurston Counties and throughout the South Puget Sound region. Contact Mary Sudar Appraisals & Estate Sales at 253-759-9440 to request information or to do business.

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