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Welcome - Classic Ceilings


Classic Ceilings Home page. High quality architectural ornaments for exterior and interior applications. Product line consists of ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, rosettes, ceiling rims, crown moldings, chair rails, panel moldings, friezes, baseboards, flexible molding, crossheads, pilasters, pediments, plinths, combination entry systems, widow headers, arch trims, oval trims, window shutters, window panels, keystones, fiberglass and polyurethane columns of all various sizes and types, stair brackets, corbels, wall niches, dentil blocks, gables, louvers, and balustrades.

Welcome - Classic Ceilings


Classic Ceilings Home page. An extensive collection of ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, elliptical ceiling domes, non-elliptical ceiling medallions, rosettes, and ceiling rims. Our wide variety of ceiling ornaments will allow you to find the right solutions and product to decorate your ceiling with and compliment your light fixture.

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