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Money Saving Canadian Mom



Liquid [Hip]



Seven Stars Insider


Although Seven Stars Insider has absolutely no connection or affiliation with Caesars Entertainment Corp. or Total Rewards®, it was created to provide much needed information about the Seven Stars program. Ask many Seven Stars cardholders and they will admit they most likely learned more about the program and its benefits from another Seven Stars cardholder. Too many hosts and other employees are woefully undereducated about the program and its benefits. Since the site was launched, even several Caesars employees (who obviously wish to remain anonymous) claim they have learned more from this Web site than from Caesars itself. Seven Stars cardholders, as well as Caesars players in general, say they appreciate the objective opinions, tips and other information the site contains. Even several travel agents who send many clients to Las Vegas (and other locations featured here) say they find value in the comments shared on the site.

Chic Geek Diary



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