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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL SITE OF PHOTO & FILM EXPO Representing Photography & Filmmaking in Africa The past 8 years have seen the local photographic industry grow at a phenomenal rate, and become united like never before. One annual event brings together over 20 000 industry creatives and over 400 photographic brands for 4 days of bliss at The Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. The PHOTO & FILM EXPO has developed since 2009 into the continents’ largest event catering to photographers and filmmakers, and has been referred to as one of the worlds’ leading photographic events. Visitors can expect 4 days of exciting free workshops, incredible new releases, over a Million Rand worth of giveaways, prizes, special deals and the widest range of photographic gadgets and activities available. The event is open to the public and caters to photographers and filmmakers of all skill levels and genres. In addition to well over 100 unique presentations and demonstrations being offered by some of the top local industry ‘gurus’, visitors can expect a selection of big name international presenters as well.

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