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New Life Broadcasting - Quincy, CA


Started by Ron Trumbo, Owner in 1984 and broadcasts at 500 watts serving Plumas County. Our programming includes Local Talk Radio, News, Sports and Various Special Christian oriented programming. Ron Trumbo is a graduate of Biola Collage with a degree in Christian Education and is an affiliate station to American Family Radio. Want to listen to local talk radio between Lake Almanor and Graeagle? Tune in at 9am every weekday morning 95.9FM. We offer great business advertising programs that have served many local businesses for many years. Morning Show & Schedule 8:00 AM Rooster 8:01 Plumas County Weather 8:05 Birthday & Aniversary Announcements 8:10 The CHP Report 8:15: Senior Citizen Report 8:30 County News 9:00 That's What you Think (Talk Radio) 11:00 Grace to You 11:30 Various Programming Afternoon Programming 12:00 Plumas County Weather 12:05 Stock Report 12:30 American Family Radio 2:00 Let's Play Doctor 3:00 American Family Radio 5:00 Plumas County Weather and News 5:30 American Family Radio Saturday Morning 8:00 Grace to You Weekend  8:25 God's Great Outdoors 9:00 Cornerstone Financial Report 10:00 Issues in Education 10:30 Hal Lindsey  11:00 Mc Alvany Report 24 Hour Programming

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