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The Hungry Dudes


Social Media Marketing. Food Photography. Food Writers. Focused on Detroit with a global mindset.

Lochow Ranch - Pond and Lake Management Services Texas


Lochow Ranch is a professional Pond and lake management company in Texas. Our goal is to provide a 100% satisfaction to make you proud of your pond.

Home - WireKnitZ


WireKnitZ® – The innovative copper wire tubular knit for artisans and crafters alike. This pre knitted wire can be stretched, stitched, rolled, beaded, braided, weaved, layered, shaped and even reshaped – nothing goes to waste! WireKnitZ® gives your designs structural integrity yet remains supple, flexible, and lightweight. It is available in three knit styles, two widths, two wire gauges, and is polyurethane enamel finished in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Detroit Dog Rescue



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