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Accent Permanent Makeup Home Page


Dawn Percer is the Inland Empire's leading permanent makeup artist now located in Temecula. With 29 years of experience, she specializes in designer permanent eyebrows, custom eyeliner, full lip color, and permanent makeup corrections. In addition, Dawn has helped many clients with areola/nipple corrections and repigmentation and through needling for reducing scars such as those due to hair transplants, facelifts, beast augmentations, and acne. Continuing education is a passion at Accent. Dawn attends regular permanent cosmetics conferences, seminars, and classes to stay on the cutting edge of technique and style.

Fireplace and Grill Experts | Denver, CO


Let Fireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. customize your Denver home with the highest quality in gas fireplace installation, service, and repair in Colorado.

Sargent's Stereo--Central OR's Car Stereo Leader-- Help Solving Car Entertainment Installs


Sargent's Stereo with links to carstereoinstall, caralarminstall, and carvideoinstall. Since 1972 providing help with kits, wiring, and installation of moble sound, navigation, alarm, and MP3. Central OR's Car Stereo Leader. A great place to shop

LCEM Website Homepage



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