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Ballymaloe Shop - Kitchen, Craft and Gift Shop, Cork, Ireland


The BALLYMALOE SHOP is more than just a kitchen shop or craft shop. It is situated in East Cork, Ireland next to Ballymaloe House. It is owned by Wendy Whelan the daughter of Myrtle Allen. It sells a variety of high quality kitchenware, cookware, pottery, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, saucepans, rubber spatulas, knives, chopping boards, pottery, cookery books, rugs and throws, blankets, clothes, knitwear, scarves, table linen, textiles, books, food and lots more. It supports local Irish craftsmen such as Sacha Whelan. It stocks Burleigh, Le Pentole, Silverwood, Rachel Allen, Darina Allen, Foxford, John Hanly, Victorinox, Lamont, Armor Lux, Inis Meain, Waltons, Callebaut, Macroom Flour, Ballymaloe Country Relish, CKS, Kilo and lots more.

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