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Vogel & Noot



FINIMETAL : heating through innovation.


Leader de l'innovation, Finimétal propose des solutions à la pointe de la technologie en émission de chaleur alliant confort thermique et protection de l'environnement. En savoir plus...

MYSON : Homepage


As part of Europe’s leading supplier and manufacturer of heat emitters, MYSON is the only place in the UK where you can get a complete range of heating solutions and services for commercial and domestic applications. Myson is unique in providing a wide range of heating products from traditional panel radiators, designer radiators and towel warmers to fan convectors, electric heating and both electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems, as well as heating valves and electronic controls. Myson offer full and comprehensive support from design layouts, including underfloor and integrated radiator plans, to advanced technical advice and support from heating experts. Myson are able to offer RIBA accredited CPD training courses and our core radiator products are available on BIM Store and on the Myson website. As a result, Myson is best placed to provide unbiased design support and technical assistance for installers, M&E contractors, architects and consultants and who favour the complete solutions approach.

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