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Gone to the Dogs: a British comedy film out now on DVD - ideal gift for dog lovers


Gone to the Dogs, a surreal comedy about a stagnant relationship that gets a new leash of life from canine metamorphosis. Visit the BAFTA nominated site and buy the DVD and take the SUKA test to find out WHAT DOG ARE YOU?

Darrick Wood School


Darrick Wood is an ‘Outstanding’ School that values respect, responsibility and honesty. We uphold the highest standards of teaching in a supportive and modern learning environment.

Bailey Guitars - Maker of the finest handmade guitars


Bailey Guitars make individually crafted premium quality instruments and run popular Build Your Own Guitar (BYO) courses.

Azhar Academy --- Islamic products, Islamic Books, Perfumes, Islamic Audio, Islamic videos, Islam, Quran


UK Online Store for islamic products including books, electronic products

UK online casino reviews from UK Casinos Compared


Casinos Compared - UK online casino guide and casino games tutorials. Leave less to chance!

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