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Minnesota modern jazz group Atlantis Quartet


Official home of Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota modern jazz band Atlantis Quartet.

Lauren Hooker Jazz Vocalist/Pianist/Songwriter Musical Education


Lauren Hooker is a jazz vocalist, lyricist and composer based in the New York metro area. She is available for jazz showcases, private performances, lounge bookings, and private voice lessons.

ROCKCANDY Entertainment LLC, Denver, DJ


Rockcandy Professional Disc Jockeys is one of Colorado's leading names in mobile entertainment. We give each of our clients exceptional service & perfect performances every time! Rockcandy is "more than just the music". We have DJ and event packages for weddings, school events, Mitzvahs, corporate parties, and more. We also offer custom GOBO light effects or custom up-lighting.We provide photo booth services for any style of event no matter large or small, Rockcandy Djs can accommodate any party. Our online planning system helps ensure your style and selection of music is played throughout the event. Keeping a nice, upbeat flow is one thing Rockcandy strives for, with no dead silence or uncomfortable pauses. Our goal is to keep the moment up and keep it going from beginning to end. Catering to your style and how you see the night going and our expertise. Call Rockcandy for your next big event to show your guests a great memorable time.rC-uQT9qgtp_smupz1qm0788rb-jfMmePmKedJnhZiM

1152 Danby Rd Ithaca, NY 14850 Open 7 days starting at 5:30pm: 607-273-3464 for reservations


Those of us who serve you at the John Thomas Steakhouse also want to be the best. That is the reason we “dry age" our extra-extra quality beef. Most places say that their beef is aged when it is one or two weeks old. We’ve found that super quality beef continues to improve for four, five, six weeks. We promise to prepare your steak to perfection. If it is not done exactly as ordered, we will immediately replace it. We want you to leave our table with a smile.

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